While MLK Day 2013 saw plenty of disrespect to the late Civil Rights leader courtesy of party flyers, this past observation of the holiday opted for blatnant racism. Borgata, a Atlantic City casino that occupys space in New Jersey’s center attraction, thought it would be best to serve patrons fried chicken, collard greens and macoroni and cheese out of The Metropolitan restaurant to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Joe Lupo, the casino’s senior vice president, told TheGrio that the idealogy wasn’t to make a mockery of the “Black” holiday, seeing that The Metropolitan has an African-American owner who wanted to serve Dr. King’s favorite foods. In the new movie Selma, there is a scene that attests to such, as King as his team stop at a close supporters home and treat an average afternoon like it’s Thanksgiving on fleek.

Lupo also went on to say that the casino’s menu always adheres to particular holiday themes, such as Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo and Chinese meals during the Chinese New Year.

Naturally the reception for the controversial menu has been mixed. Check out some of the most charged reactions from both sides of the spectrum in the gallery below.

Photo: Borgata

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