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The good folks over at MTV and Genius are collaborating for a groovy never-before-seen interview series that will surely tap into the nostalgic hearts of all fans of so-called “real Hip-Hop.”

Believe it or not kids, the Internet wasn’t always around and a lot of content relegated to YouTube and Vimeo used to air on actually television. (Shocking, we know.) Understandably, everything couldn’t be aired which left mounds of unearthed footage in MTV’s archives.

That is until now.

Genius and MTV have teamed up to bring you a new look into New York hip hop from ‘97 to ‘98. MTV has dug deep into their vaults and found three gems, each never before seen in its entirety. As part of an ongoing project, MTV is looking to the Genius community to add context and personal stories to these interviews with some of the all time greats.

Here we have the first release in the ongoing collaboration between Genius and MTV. Newly uncovered, this unedited 1997 interview shows Dirty in a rare light, revealing struggles with family life and staying clean. Watch the ever compelling ODB drop science like only he could and see why there was no father to his style.

R.I.P. to the late, great Dirt Dog. Check out the never-before-seen ODB interview on the flip with no interruptions.

Photo: MTV

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