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The ingenious thinking of Conan O’Brien brought both Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski together for a pre-Super Bowl XLIX faceoff in a game of the upcoming Mortal Kombat X.

Team Coco’s head-to-head battle was supposed to highlight tension for the upcoming football championship where everything will undoubtedly be left on the field.

Instead, Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski got rather chummy with side tangential conversations much to the surprise of Conan. They two football stars did however get intense while playing the revamped blood-spilling game. While testing out new characters such as Cassie Cage (the daughter of Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade) and Ferra/Torr, some of the new fatalities were performed, much to disgust of Lynch, who had to leave the room to get his stomach in order.

A shameless plug for Skittles helped the medicine go down and the gameplay was resumed. Despite his reputation of being a media phantom, Lynch was his good spirits for the skit as was Gronk.

Peep the comical “Clueless Gamer” skit below. Mortal Kombat X drops on all platforms on April 14.

Photo: Conan