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The purpose of a secret is for it to be known by a limited amount of people, but once news hit the Internet that Jay Z was planning a secret show, it was quickly canceled as a result.

Planning to make an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman, the rapper would follow it up and was going to give a show in the middle of rush-hour Midtown.

A recent expected performance from Drake, however, that ended in six people suffering minor injuries from a rowdy crowd of 10,000 caused Mayor Bloomberg to change plans and nip things in the bud after weeks of planning and negotiations.

“There was discussion of a concert, and ultimately it was decided there would be no permit,” said Julianne Cho, spokeswoman for the film office.

Sources told The Post that a permit for Jay-Z’s performance would have been granted only if organizers could keep the show secret, but word of the show leaked.

“Many permits are granted on the condition that the event is not made public beforehand for capacity and security reasons,” Cho said. “This event was made public.”

Damn…folks just can’t keep their lips shut for even a second, now everybody has to take the L because one person had to be the big mouth.