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Former Fugees star Pras Michel’s much-ballyhooed child support case has reached a climatic turn, thanks to a Pras appearance in court.

The New York Post’s Page Six, who has inexplicably been following the case’s every move, chronicled the rapper/philanthropist’s appearance yesterday afternoon (Feb. 18) where the 42-year-old took the stand in efforts to thwart his baby mother Angela Severiano’s attempts in obtaining more than $37,000 tax-free dollars a year.

In a recent exclusive interview with Hip-Hop Wired, Pras relayed to the world that he and Severiano never had an actual relationship outside of physical aspects and he pays the state-mandated child support on time every month.

When asked by an attorney in the court on Wednesday on how many children he had, Pras responded after a deliberate pause with “to my recollection, Landon.”

The “Landon” Pras is referring to is the 4-year-old son he has with Severiano. Pras admitted he hasn’t been able to bond with the boy due to the messy situation with the child’s mother, although he is optimistic there will be brighter days as he grows older.

Michel’s legal counsel are confident the case’s evidence will prove that the existing child support is more than adequate for the child’s needs. There is also an ongoing $30 million lawsuit against The Post that Pras says is “going great.”

Photo: WENN