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The Aaron Hernandez trial has been conducting business without any major breaks or bends but the former New England Patriot’s choice of famous footwear may gain him leverage in his not-guilty plea for first-degree murder.

During Day 11 of the murder case, Sports Illustrated has learned that the prosecution intended to use footprints found in the vicinity of slain victim Odin Lloyd’s body as pinpoint evidence. As it turns out, the Air Jordan 11 impressions found at the scene (among several others) did not match Hernandez’s size 13 fit. To add on to Hernandez’s chances of beating the murder wrap, the prosecution do not have the murder weapon nor an eyewitness to the crime, and have yet to prove beyond a reasonable doubt why Hernandez would risk his life as a successful pro football player to mastermind a senseless murder.

Massachusetts Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh proceeded over arguments over Aaron Hernandez’s four-pair collection of white Nike Air Jordan sneakers yesterday, February 19, but it is said that crime investigators did not seize any of the shoes when they had a chance in November of 2014.

Look for more updated information on this high-profile case as it becomes available.

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