A popular Instagram model who went by the name Mizz DR was arrested by NYPD in connection with the murder of a Fort Lee, NJ man whose body was found in the trunk of a car. 

According to PIX 11, Mizz DR, born Diana Escotto, was arrested on Thursday (Feb. 19) in connection to the murder of the man whose body was found in the Bronx back in January.

Jordan Johnson was reported missing Jan. 14 after his girlfriend returned to their apartment to find it burglarized. The next day, Johnson’s body was found in the trunk of a black BMW. An autopsy revealed that his cause of death was strangulation.

The 24-year-old Escotto was charged with hindering the arrest of a suspect.

Robert Martinez and Andre Jamal Thompson, who are from Massachusetts, were both charged with Johnson’s murder, while Courtney Evelyn, 30, and Dyrol Evelyn, 25, (who are brother and sister) have also been hit with hindering arrest charges. details that Johnson had been kidnapped by Martinez on Jan 13., who then sent the murdered man’s girlfriend, Megan Faulkner, on a wild goose chase to Harlem, via text message, in order to burglarize their apartment. Faulkner returned to their apartment on Jan. 14 around 2 a.m. and found the place burglarized.

Johnson’s body was found the next day in the Bronx. There are no specifics yet as to how Escotto and the Evelyn’s hindered the investigation but the charges are based off their interview with authorities.


Check out a mugshot of Escotto, as well as some of her pics from the ‘Gram (her account is a wrap), on the following pages.

Do you think these guys watched Money & Violence? Murder was the case…

Photos: Instagram, Fort Lee PD, NYPD

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