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Malcolm X remains as one of the most influential historic figures of modern times, giving rise to the concepts pride and self-reliance within the Black community. While Malcolm X was the face of Black nationalism as a member of the Nation of Islam, he was well on his way to promoting an even broader message for human rights.

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little, was assassinated on this day 50 years ago in 1965 at Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom while addressing members of his new organization. The incident silenced one of the most powerful voices to ever exist in the name of equality, thus ending the hope for changes to society many are still awaiting.

Malcolm X, who by then changed his named to El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, was just three months shy of his 40th birthday when his assailants gunned him down. The men who shot the great leader were found to be members of the NOI, the group Shabazz defected from two years earlier.

Hip-Hop Wired looks at 10 fascinating facts about Malcolm X on the following pages. May he rest forever powerfully in peace.

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