There is currently a storm looming over AT&T Stadium. One that could greatly affect current Dallas Cowboys free agent Dez Bryant’s future in the NFL.

Within the past week, there has been heavy speculation–and-details regarding a 2011 Dez Bryant video allegedly taken at Walmart that has all indications pointing towards a scandal.

Via Yardbarker:

On Wednesday evening, Pro Football Talk reported that the alleged footage may have been recorded on a Walmart surveillance camera. On Thursday, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network uncovered an incident report that involves an officer responding to an “unknown disturbance” at a Lancaster, Texas Walmart in July 2011. You can see the actual report here.

According to police, an unknown person alerted officers that a black female was “being dragged from one vehicle to another vehicle” by a black male. The vehicle, a 2011 Mercedes Benz, was registered to Bryant.

A Walmart security guard told police that when he arrived at the scene the Mercedes door was still open and a child’s toy was on the ground. Two men then pulled up in a Cadillac Escalade — also registered to Bryant — and said they received a call from the alleged victim asking them to pick up “her” Mercedes. A Bentley then showed up in the parking lot with Bryant and the alleged victim inside.

The alleged victim told police she had an argument with a man named Alex Penson and that she was not assaulted or harmed in any way. She claimed she was dropped off at a friend’s house after the argument in the parking lot and that Bryant came to the friend’s house to pick her up. Police then let everyone go without making any arrests or filing any charges.

While it doesn’t sound like Bryant was directly involved, Rapoport notes that the Cowboys have taken “particular interest” in the incident and have known about it for a while.

As contract negotiations with the Cowboys are currently underway, Bryant has been rather antsy on social media, sending cryptic tweets out, leading everyone to guess what he’s really saying. According to TMZ, a quickly deleted tweet read, “I need to get me a real raw uncut tv show or something … I can’t continue to get betrayed like this.”

And he posted this gem nearly a week ago.

The most concrete finding of the entire ordeal is that it appears his former agent has been trying to blackmail him over the video footage.

The full evidence report can be found about the so-called Dez Bryant video can be found here.

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