Dez Bryant

It’s the end of an era for Dallas Cowboys fans. The team announced today that it has released star wide receiver Dez Bryant. 

Shannon Sharpe, a former NFL star, and current Fox Sports news analyst, knows a little bit about facing adversity after growing up poor in Georgia. After a series of Instagram posts by Dallas Cowboys star Dez Bryant about racism and accountability, Sharpe gave the wide receiver a strong lesson on what race truly means for a […]


The Cowboys beat the Washington Football Team 31-26 on Thanksgiving Day, but the beef is still on between Josh Norman and Dez Bryant. The defensive back and wide receiver, respectively, were talking ish during the game, that spilled over into post-game with the former basically snitching. 


UPDATE: Dez Bryant promptly paid the balance in full after being notified of the lien in June 2015. The lien was then released in September 2015. According to Bryant’s attorney, it was an “oversight.”   Dallas Cowboys star receiver Dez Bryant has a shiny new $70M contract (thank Jay Z). Nevertheless, he owes the IRS […]

Whoever thought it would be a good idea for conference rivals Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams to partake in a joint practice this close to the upcoming NFL season, was just flat-out wrong.

While Birdman is busy suing Jay Z, the Brooklyn rapper turned sport agent (see: Roc Nation Sport) is getting kudos for Dez Bryant‘s shiny new, $70M contract with the Dallas Cowboys. The team’s owner, Jerry Jones, thanked Hova for making the deal happen. 

There is currently a storm looming over AT&T Stadium. One that could greatly affect current Dallas Cowboys free agent Dez Bryant’s future in the NFL.

Now that Jay Z is the new owner of Armand de Brignac (better known as Ace of Spades to most), you can expect to see loads of the expensive bubbly lying around Roc Nation offices like Nestle Pure Life bottles. Which went a long way in welcoming Dez Bryant, the newest signee to the team […]

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant just played a horrific game in his team’s 28-17 loss against the Arizona Cardinals, but he’s still has better news to look forward to now that he’s a member of Roc Nation Sports.

The 2013 NFL season has been interesting to say the least. With all the drama in the NFC and a husky amount of football follies, week 8 didn’t disappoint.

Lil Wayne Allegedly Got Into Altercation With Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant   Lil Wayne has always been outspoken about his love of sports. But the diehard Green Bay Packers fan’s alleged heckling of the Dallas Cowboys’ Dez Bryant may have led to an altercation with the star wide receiver at Miami’s Club LIV this past […]