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While Birdman is busy suing Jay Z, the Brooklyn rapper turned sport agent (see: Roc Nation Sport) is getting kudos for Dez Bryant‘s shiny new, $70M contract with the Dallas Cowboys. The team’s owner, Jerry Jones, thanked Hova for making the deal happen. 

Jones was impressed with Roc Nation’s involvement in handling Dez Bryant’s management.

“You did a good job associating yourself with Jay Z. He’s wonderful. I spent hours with him last night and it was great, thinks a lot of you and I do too,” said Jones in a congratulatory call he put in to Bryant.

It was actually Tom Condon who brokered the deal, on Roc Nation Sports’ behalf.

Reports ESPN:

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and his son, Stephen Jones, the team’s executive vice president, flew to New York and spent five hours Tuesday night meeting with Bryant’s Roc Nation representatives, including Jay Z, the hip-hop mogul who founded the agency. The deal was completed Wednesday after more talks between Stephen Jones and Tom Condon, Bryant’s CAA representative, Jerry Jones told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Jerry Jones said he and his son met with Jay Z and the Roc Nation folks “just to talk about the advice they provide for him off the field, the supervision, and wanted everyone on the same page.”

“Jay Z hired Tom Condon to do the deal, and that’s exactly what happened,” Jones said. “The terms, the details of the contract, that was Condon and Stephen (Jones). In fact, Roc Nation is not even certified to do a contract, but they provide Dez with great advice and support. There was no money discussed with Roc Nation.

“If we were not comfortable with how Dez has grown over the past five years off the field and the support that includes Roc Nation, this deal probably doesn’t get done. I’m happy for both sides. It’s a great deal for Dez, and he’s earned this contract. We’re satisfied with the terms and structure. Condon and Stephen worked hard on the contract to get it done on time.”

Recently, Bryant publicly said he was willing to sit out a season unless he got a new contract.

You can do that, when you’re Dez Bryant.

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