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Whoever thought it would be a good idea for conference rivals Dallas Cowboys and the St. Louis Rams to partake in a joint practice this close to the upcoming NFL season, was just flat-out wrong.

A Dez Bryant fight was captured by sideline reporters where Jay Z’s homeboy caught a fade so stiff, his diamond earring was knocked from his lobe.

Following a routine play, Rams cornerback Imoan Claiborne secretly made his organization proud when he went at a hemlet-less Bryant and caught him square in the face with a right hook.

Yahoo! Sports also pointed out that Rams rookie running back Todd Gurley (fresh off of ACL surgery) got tossed like a ragdoll when the Dez Bryant fight sparked a short-lived, bench-clearing brawl between the teams.

After the scrimmage was concluded, a security guard retrieved Bryant’s ring, prompting a “I got you” from the $70 million dollar man.

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This absolutely the type of Hollywood drama that sells stadium tickets. Unfortunately, the teams won’t square off in the 2015 NFL regular season.

Check out the action from the Dez Bryant fight below and on the next page.

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