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Apparently, God is taking his time with this one. The man who claimed to be “delivert” and that he wasn’t “gay no more” in a video that went viral says the man upstairs still hasn’t made him straight. 

Go figure.

Reports WWBT Richmond:

“I’m not gay no more!” exclaimed Andrew Caldwell at the Church of God in Christ conference in St. Louis. “I’m delivered! I don’t like mens no more!”

The video went viral. Songs were made. Cartoons were created. It was all at the expense of Andrew Caldwell.

“Was this some type of comedy routine or were you serious?” we asked Caldwell.

“I was serious,” replied Caldwell. “I did not want to go viral. I did not expect that to go viral. I did not want to get up there and just say anything and look crazy in front of thousands of people.”

Caldwell contacted me on my Facebook page after finding our original story online.

“And you all spoke about my video,” noted Caldwell. “I said let me reach out to him. Let him get the truth. Let him know what’s really going on in the world. I went up there because I needed prayer that day. I needed so much prayer.”

Caldwell says he felt pressured by the previous speaker. Caldwell says the speaker called gays in the church “sissies” and suggested they should “bleed from their butts.”

The Church of God in Christ issued a formal apology.

“As presiding bishop of the Church of God in Christ,” said Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. “I apologize for what seemed to be a harsh, uncompassionate, disrespectful spirit on the part of that speaker. I also apologize to Andrew Caldwell. We love all people regardless of their faith or their moral standing.”

The jokes about Caldwell, as well as getting allegedly 2-pieced in a parking lot, did kind of go too far. But he isn’t doing himself any favors since he has a Facebook paged titled “I’m Not Gay No More.” Is he really upset at all the attention if that’s the case.

Not to stir up more debate, but it’s a shame he can’t just accept who he is.

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