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The mystery man that won South Carolina’s Democratic primary with no campaign is stirring up more controversy now that he’s openly admitted to being discharged from the military.

As previously reported the Black candidate won the Democratic nomination for the Senate with nearly 60% of the votes sans a campaign leading many to believe he was a fraud set up by the GOP to ensure an easy Republican victory in the fall.

In his latest interview, Alvin Greene sat down with journalist Michael Scherer for Time magazine and told the publication that he deserves to be their upcoming “Man Of The Year.”

The man who faces a felony charge for “exposing a student to an explicit image” also discussed how if he wins the Senate election he will be curtail jail sentences for first time non-violent offenders.

Before Scherer ends the interview he asks Greene if there’s anything else he’d like to discuss that hasn’t been brought up in media already, to which he responds,

“Bring the Air Force discharge up. Y’all go and get that.”

While Greene refused to give details, he did confirm that he was “involuntarily” discharged from the military.

“I left the Air Force in September ’05. I ran through some problems, dealing with rank. It’s a long story. I guess that will be the next thing they will be focusing on.”

Upon further investigation Scherer confirmed that Greene served in the Air Force at Shaw Air Force base working in intel as an “intelligence specialist” before being “forced out” in 2005 by an administrative action, not a court martial.

He later had an active-duty posting in the U.S. Army and was discharged from service in August of 2009.

Army officials declined to give details on his dismissal.

One question: Who is this guy???!

I’m sure more details on his dismissals are sure to come.

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