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Kanye West remains in Europe, where he’s making his presense felt one public appearance at a time. Earlier today (March 2), the musician spoke to the Oxford Guild Society at the University’s Museum of Natural History, according to Business Insider.

West chopped it up with the estimated 350+ students and administrators in attendance (1600 RSVP’ed to attend on Facebook) for upwards of 30 minutes. Attendees, particularly students were encouraged not to record or photograph the MC during the discussion, but that didn’t stop them from capturing the moment by quoting him via Twitter.

A pair of the University’s publications put their thumbs, and before you knew it, the #YeezOx hashtag was born.

The Tab shared West’s top quote-worthy moments. “We have the ability to approach our race like ants, or we have the ability to approach our race like crabs,” they wrote.

Ruth McClean, a PPE undergraduate at St John’s College and editor for Versa, told BI this about West’s lecture:

It was pretty surreal seeing Kanye in a drab lecture theatre in Oxford; 300 students sitting in awed silence as he went on a mad stream of consciousness was not really the usual situation you expect to see a world-famous rapper. I heard him say a lot of new stuff which you don’t really hear in public — he seemed to have a more political slant outside just music — in fact he barely spoke about music at all. He moved from one thing to another so quickly that your mind felt frazzled — art, philosophy, politics — and seemed to suggest a vision of the future where art and politics would not be separate — where creative endeavour permeated every area of life.

Expect a visual to release soon. Hit the jump for top quotes and a full transcript of what West said.

Photo: Twitter/Aled Jones

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