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On a 90 degree day, four Bronx youths were arrested for engaging in a water balloon fight. 

In response they have decided to sue the city of New York for $1 million a piece. 

Eric Martinez, Ryan Ginyard, Jayvon McKinney and Maurice Manners were a larger group of approximately 25 people engaging in the balloon fight.  Cops ended up arresting 11 of them and charging them with disorderly conduct and unlawful assembly.  

Neil Wollerstein, a lawyer for the families is filing preliminary papers for the case where they are claiming unlawful arrest and suing the city for $1 million each.

NYPD officials stood by their case and one police source claimed that the “disorderly” youth were attacking passing motorists.

This arrest takes place in the same area where four young Bronx men were arrested for having a snowball fight last February.