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The U.S. Department of Justice concluded an investigation into the arrest records and conduct of police in Ferguson, Mo. in light of the shooting death of Michael “Mike” Brown last August. The probe revealed that police and local officials traded tasteless and offensive jokes at the expense of President Barack Obama and Black women.

NPR unveiled details of the probe from an inside source that highlighted an email joke that passed between police and local court employees. The joke took a serious dig at President Obama and Black men in general. The other joke targeted Black women and aimed an even lower blow.

More from NPR:

The full report will be released on Wednesday, but the source described two emails included in the report that were exchanged between police and local court employees.

One says Obama will not be president for long because “what black man holds a steady job for four years.” Another says a black woman in New Orleans was admitted to a hospital to end her pregnancy and then got a check two weeks later from “Crime Stoppers.”

As we shared yesterday (Mar. 3), the Justice Department intends to release the full report on Wednesday (Mar. 4), which is one of the most highly-anticipated official government documents in some time. Activists and supporters of the Brown family have long alleged that several cities and towns in Missouri have unfairly targeted Blacks in their efforts to curtail crime.


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