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In case you may have forgotten, Raekwon’s timeless classic, Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… is turning the big 2-0 later this year. (If that makes you feel old, don’t let it; Wu-Tang is forever.)

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, The Chef laid out the benefits of the crowdfunding approach for his upcoming documentary, The Purple Tape Files.

“Our vision for the film is for it to be as honest as possible, removing the filter from both ourselves and participants,” the legendary rapper says to Rolling Stone. “I plan to take viewers on a ride through the album from beginning to end. Beyond revealing untold information about the project and how it was created, the film will also bring to life the actual movie that happens within the album.”

Vulture listed several perks for the crowdfunding approach, including:

$50: Signed DVD/BluRay combo pack (because watching it on one platform is not enough).

$50: Shirt with stuff on it.

$135: Now we’re talkin’ — a swag pack that has a beanie, shirt, and sweatshirt, all with stuff on it.

$200: Raekwon reviews your mixtape and potentially helps you fix your sound.

$500: Name in the credits of the doc.

$1,000: Personal-list access to Raekwon’s shows for the next five years (you guys will probably be Facebook friends by then).

$2,500: Studio time with the Chef, plus all of the swag.


“I want fans to know that this film is dedicated to them,” he continued. “Long after we’re gone, this project will still remain and be our account and interpretation of a great album. I’m excited about creating something we can all enjoy and be proud of.”

Photo: WENN