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Four teen girls stomped out another teen girl at a McDonald’s in Brooklyn. However, despite plenty of witnesses, and the brawl being caught on film, no one is coming forward to finger the attackers. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

Dozens of kids and at least two adults watched as four teenage girls brutalized a pint-sized 15-year-old girl in a Brooklyn McDonald’s — but not one made a move to stop it, a shocking video that’s been shared across the globe shows.

None of the witnesses at the Flatbush Ave. fast-food joint — many of whom were cheering during the after-school onslaught— dialed 911, though McDonald’s workers did call, police said.

One callous onlooker even joked as the girl lay on the floor, “Yo, she’s dead. It’s a murder!”

And even though every punch, gasp and cheer was captured on video, the girls who carried out the brutal beatdown may never be charged since witnesses refuse to speak up.

The pummeled 15-year-old, a student at Erasmus Hall High School, was hospitalized overnight Monday but collapsed Wednesday at home and was rushed to SUNY Downstate Medical Center, her devastated grandmother said.

The victim reportedly refuses to cooperate with investigators out of fear of retaliation. According to the New York Daily News, the attackers have links to a Brooklyn gang called the Young Savages.

The footage shows about a minute of the fight, and it is brutal. The victim puts up a worth battle, at first, but she is soon overrun by at least five young women reigning down fists and eventually kicks.

Many are upset that the adults and other witnesses didn’t step in to break up the fight. McDonald’s workers said they called 911 as soon as the rumble started happening.

Also, the victim is in a tough predicament. Yes, she should point out her attackers. But she likely has to see them every day at school. We also don’t know what sparked the violence.

Would you have helped break up the fight? Should she drop dime? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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