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“Organic” is a term that’s tossed around quite frivolously in Hip-Hop. But it’s truthfully the only way to describe what The House, a bubbling movement based in the unlikely city of Chattanooga, Tenn., is doing.

The crew’s name may not resonate with you now, but that will soon change. Especially with two of their founding members being TDE’s Isaiah Rashad and TUT (known to some as Kev Adams), the focus of this Certified Fresh piece, being founding members.

The sounds of TUT’s music first permeated the Hip-Hop Wired offices back in January with the release of Preacher’$ $on, a reflective free album that compiles the rising MC’s existential thoughts. At 23-years-old, he admittedly has a lot to learn and much to improve on. But, if anything, he’s asking the right questions now and ensuring a place in Hip-Hop for years to come.

Who: TUT (formerly known as YGTUT, the YG stands for “Young G and King”), born Kevin Adams, is a Chattanooga, Tenn. resident and a hell of a MC. His first project, Preacher’$ $on, is a 16-track opus that’s inspired by his struggle with being, well, a preacher’s son. On one hand he had the church, in the other the struggles of being an adolescent and lure of the streets.

Credentials: TUT is a newcomer, but steel, more often than not, sharpens steel. That friendly competition resonates throughout The House camp, which includes Isaiah Rashad, fellow rapper Michael Da Vinci, producer Ktoven, The Antydote, Danny Dee, and more. Isaiah set off a promising career with Cilvia Demo EP back in 2014. On the same month, one year later, TUT did the same with his debut.

Fun Fact: TUT can be seen in his college friend Rashad’s “Ronnie Drake” video. He’s on the right hand side, sporting a Nike t-shirt.

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