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Landing a Kendrick Lamar an interview (ahem, we caught one) as he has risen from underground wunderkind to A-list rap titan status has become increasingly difficult. The New York Times linked up with the Compton rapper before the release of To Pimp a Butterfly, which is burning a hole in the Hip-Hop game, and squeezed some interesting details and quotes out of him.

Since the Internets is all about efficiency, we compiled 9 things we learned from Kendrick Lamar in the interview.

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God Body

Kendrick is saved.

Mr. Lamar, who grew up in Compton, Calif., had previously been saved as a teenager in the parking lot of a Food 4 Less, he said, when the grandmother of a friend approached him after a tragedy, asking if he had accepted God. “One of my homeboys got smoked,” Mr. Lamar recalled. “She had seen that we weren’t right in the head. That was her being an angel for us.”

Nearly a decade later, having found that fame and riches did not offer additional salvation, or happiness, he “wanted to take it to the next level — being underwater,” he said. “I felt like it was something I had to do.”


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