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Run The Jewels was minding their business, rocking the stage at a Spotify event at SXSW. Then some guy jumps on stage and tries to run up on El-P, but Killer Mike was having no parts of such shenanigans and came to his buddy’s defense. 

Reports Complex:

An unidentified man tried to attack El-P at a Spotify House event before Killer Mike stepped in to intercept the would-be assaulter. The duo’s crew members got the man out of the area, and Run the Jewels continued on with the show. 

“We have no idea what that was,” El-P was quoted as saying on Twitter. 

“That was a f-ckboy,” Killer Mike added. 

Of course, the altercation was caught on video, which you can see below.

Whoever this foolish man was is seen catching a mean right fist to the jaw and stumbling back, dazed and confused.

The moral of this story; don’t test Run The Jewels, b.

Photo: Instagram/i.da_