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San Diego rapper Brandon “Tiny Doo” Duncan found himself facing life in prison after he and 14 other gang-affiliated persons faced conspiracy charges. Tiny Doo and another man had their charges dropped Monday (Mar. 16) after the prosecution couldn’t string together enough evidence against them.

The charges against Tiny Doo and the others were pretty thin from the onset but under a strange 2000 statute, they were pegged because crimes committed by alleged gang members supposedly benefitted anyone affiliated according to prosecutors.

A rash of shootings that took place between May 2013 and February 2014 put the group under the watch of the law, and the rub was that the rapper’s sales and the “street cred” of the gang grew as a result of the crimes. Tiny Doo’s lyrics were also entered as evidence in the trial, and depicted violent crimes which prosecutors connected to his Lincoln Park gang connection.

A San Diego Superior Court judge dismissed the charges against Tiny Doo and Aaron Harvey because there wasn’t enough evidence for a trial. Tiny Doo, 33, was elated by the decision and voiced his pleasure to local media.

“If you want to hear my music, it’s not promoting anything,” Duncan said to KNSD-TV. “I’m not telling anybody to commit no crime, I’m not telling anybody to do anything. It’s just artistry. I’m painting a picture of an urban community.”

Tiny Doo intends to detail his experiences over the case in his music, as he said to reporters at KGTV-TV. He also does not intend to relax the harsh styling of his music.

Phoot: KNSD-TV