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While being incarcerated in 1995, West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur penned a screenplay titled, Live 2 Tell. Speculation has begun to circulate and there is a possibility that his screenplay will be turned into a film and will even be heading into production.

Rumors first arose on the film in 2005, but it never became an actual product. The screenplay went through the hands of directors and production studios for over 4 years.

The slain rapper’s writings are expected to hit the public sometime in 2010. Insomnia Productions bought the screenplay’s film rights from Afeni Shakur who has control of his estate. The rapper’s mother will be the executive producer. It is believed that Tupac wanted to actually play the lead role.

Live 2 Tell is a story about a young man that is dragged into the drug game and eventually rises to become the most feared kingpin of his city. As time progresses, his conscience begins to become heavy and he then begins to take the steps to wipe the slate clean as it relates to his history and is make attempt to leave his life of drugs and crime in the past. It is a classic tale of a man going down the wrong path and seeking redemption for his poor decisions in life.

Riding off the success of Notorious, there have been talks of making a biopic film that chronicles the life of Tupac which will also be worked on by his mother. Back around February, the production company known as Morgan Creek sued Amaru Entertainment citing that Amaru had backed out of an agreement to sell his life rights for the film adaptation. The suit made allegations that a written contract was made, but the company has since refused to honor the document and were seeking compensation for damages and other relief. Amaru stated that no such agreement ever existed.

Along with his mother, there had also been rumors of actor Sylvester Stallone developing a project that would relate to Shakur’s death and the succeeding murder of The Notorious B.I.G.

In 2003 a film was released called, Tupac Resurrection, that would go on to make $8 million for Paramount Picture. The box office movie told about the life and death of the rapper and was actually narrated by Pac. It would go on to be nominated for an Academy Award.

If anyone thought that Tupac was done releasing material, they would be sadly mistaken. Reports have stated that WIDEawake, the company that bought Death Row’s catalogue, will be releasing unreleased material to celebrate his 39th birthday in June 2010.

A previously unheard diss track by the late Hip-Hop icon has also surfaced called “War Gamez.” Also featuring his homies The Outlawz, the tracks finds Makaveli going in on Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Mobb Deep, The Firm and Bad Boy.