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Azealia Banks has comfortably assumed the role of mad villain within the Hip-Hop stratosphere, but one conservative blogger is claiming she went too far.

Matt Walsh, a contributor for The Blaze, took to that same platform to pen a scathing, albeit opinionated article titled “Dear Azealia Banks, Please Feel Free To Leave America And Never Return.” The post was a direct response to Banks’ controversial Playboy interview where she expressed her disdain for “fat, white men.”

After getting wind of Walsh’s article, Banks responded with the best way she knows how (which isn’t responding on wax as of late). Walsh claims she tweeted him a picture of her vagina, presumably from the aforementioned Playboy spread where the Broke With Expensive Taste artist became the first rapper to cover the long-running magazine this month.

“I write a post to @AZEALIABANKS,” Walsh cringed on Twitter. She responds by tweeting me a photo of her vagina. Sexual harassment? Or is that just when guys do it? Poor @AZEALIABANKS. If only you could read and write, you might have other ways of communicating besides flashing your genitals.”

Banks has since moved on to discussing the growth of her boobs and prepping for another cover photo shoot for Billboard.

The attention she always felt she deserved is finally hers. Cost be damned.

H/T: Vibe

Photo: Instagram/Azealia Banks