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Deadline TV writer Nellie Andreeva might have made an epic infraction when she wrote a piece discussing the uptick in minority casting in television pilots in 2015. Twitter naturally gave Andreeva the business Tuesday night (Mar. 24), which was further boosted by comments from Shonda Rhimes and Ava DuVernay.

As reported by TheGrio, Andreeva’s article, “Pilots 2015: The Year Of Ethnic Castings – About Time Or Too Much Of A Good Thing?” was already doomed from the start by way of its titling. The piece itself examined television studios mandating a minority role on both the major and minor level, and how certain characters intended to be one race were altered in favor of another.

Andreeva also noted that the success of Rhimes’ How To Get Away With Murder, ABC’s Black-ish, and FOX’s Empire might bring forth more “ethnic castings.”

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Needless to say, the response on social media to Andreeva’s article was fast and furious, with many outraged by her poorly articulated essay about a breakout era in TV.

“1st Reaction:: HELL NO. Lemme take off my earrings, somebody hold my purse! 2nd Reaction: Article is so ignorant I can’t even be bothered,” Shonda Rhimes wrote on Twitter.

Rhimes’, who has several successful properties including Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, was supported by DuVernay with a simple retweet with the comment “PREACH.”

Although both women essentially took the high road in addressing Andreeva’s article, it does raise the question of what exactly the writer was intended to get across to readers with the piece.

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