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Hip-Hop superstar and renown Kentucky Wildcats stan, Drake bet a relatively small sum (for him) on his favorite college team but the gamble didn’t pay off.

Champagne Papi had to fork over $6,000 to The Game after the Wildcats were dealt their first lost in the season during yesterday’s Final Four at the hands of the Wisconsin Badgers, 71-64.

“#IfYoureReadingThisItsTooLate Bet my bro @ChampagnePapi a humble $6,000 on the Wisconsin x Kentucky game….. 3 key elements… 1, Wisconsin start with a “W”… second, it’s the day of the blood moon & 3rd… always bet on the RED team…. Bout to be #RunninThooThat6WitMyHoes #YouKnowHowThatShitGo,” the Compton rapper teased.

Drizzy didn’t play the sore loser and he saluted the Wildcats for their mostly positive season posting: “Great season for the squad. Incredible group of guys that worked extremely hard under the leadership of @ukcoachcalipari. Congrats to the Badgers on a hard fought game and congrats to @losangelesconfidential for taking some money off my hands. Not many ppl can. We’ll be back next year!!! #BBN #CoachCal #BloodMoney #GameWithTheQuickComeUp #CalabasasRivalries

Anytime Drake is on the losing end of anything, the peanut gallery is eagerly waiting to greet him at the gate. This recent Final Four loss was definitely no exception.

Flip through the gallery below to see the recent batch of Drake Kentucky memes and how the world thinks he’s one big bandwagon rider.

Photos: Twitter, Instagram/The Game, Drake

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