Iggy Azalea may want to find the bag from which she dug “Fancy” out of because she needs some hit records, stat. Her popularity and public approval ratings are at an all-time low and even her cameo in Furious 7 did nothing to dispel that.

In actuality, fans are claiming that her :15 second cameo totally ruined their viewing experience.

The Australian rapper made her acting debut as an onlooker as Michelle Rodriguez’s resurrected character Letty returned to the racing circuit. Along comes Iggy with her brief speaking part, “Hey, there’s the girl I’ve heard so much about. Where you been at, ghost girl?”

It was harmless enough and as John Singleton can attest, having Hip-Hop star power in the Fast & Furious franchise has worked out just fine thus far. However Iggy’s cameo appearance must have really made a bad impression on those who saw it because you will be hard-pressed to find a positive reaction across social media.

Hit the gallery below to see the Iggy Azalea Furious 7 slander. You people are brutal.

Photos: Instagram/Iggy Azalea, Twitter

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