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Banana peel-throwing losers be damned. Dave Chappelle has embraced his celebrity and reemerged as a favored funnyman according to his recent track record.

Which is why one his recent shows in Austin, Texas will officially become a televised event on HBO.

Reports ComedyHype:

Dave Chappelle looks to be making 2015 his year to officially come back. Since his departure from The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, he has returned into comedy with a series of stand-up dates. Despite being on the road over the past few years, Chappelle has not released a solo special since 2005 (For What It’s Worth). Over the weekend we discovered that during his recent shows at Austin’s ACL Live in Texas, Chappelle taped his newest set of material for fans. Sources have revealed that the ‘untitled’ special will be premiering on HBO. A date when it will air has not yet been confirmed but judging from a few reactions of those who attended the taping, Chappelle didn’t disappoint.

The news gets even better when you factor in the newly launched HBO Now is everything you want on a computer and more.

What are your thoughts on Dave Chappelle comedy special? If your sense of humor aligns with any of reactions in the gallery, then you’re in for a treat.

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