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Dylan Dilinjah of MTV’s Making The Band 2 fame has become a punchline thanks to his infamous “Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan” top five quotable. In a new interview, he says his former Da Band mates dropped the ball and passed on the opportunity to work with Kanye West. 

Reports WatchLOUD:

I told Kanye in ’03 that I wanted him to produce for Da Band. At that time, he had “Through The Wire,” he had just started and The Blueprint album from Jay Z was bumping all over the place. I already knew his work as a producer. So I told him I wanted him to produce the whole thing and he was like “Yo, not a problem. Here’s my number, take it down.” I went back to Da Band and the office and they laughed at me. They were like “Who? Kanye West?” They shut me down. They were like “No, we’re not going to do that. We’re going to keep it in-house. He’s really a nobody. He’s on the come-up, just another producer.” I was like “No, he’s great. He’s going to be the biggest thing in the world.” Now look. I’m not dissing them. I’m just stating facts.

We gotta hear both sides.

Check out more of Dylan’s interview, where he mentions that Daddy’s House studios is a wrap and talks working with Akon, over at WatchLOUD.

Photo: WatchLOUD