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A couple of weeks back, we told you that Trick Daddy has yet to reach his full potential and deliver a classic album. We also told you that there were several variables outside of the music that has made this his reality.

The Miami New Times recently caught up with the now 41-year-old Miami rap relic to reaffirm this stance, where the man born Maurice Young explains his disappearing act.

“People be like, ‘Trick, why did you leave the rap game?’ I didn’t leave the rap game; the rap game left me,” he confidently tells the newspaper. “I’ve been dealing with a lot of different issues — the lupus, the IRS, along with just family problems — and now I’m getting all that together.”

Trick’s last proper release was in 2009 when he released Finally Famous: Born a Thug, Still a Thug, although he did pen the theme song to The U Pt. II in December of last year with “U Already Know.” However, the lack of music hasn’t kept him free from public scandal. In April 2014, he was arrested for cocaine possesion but it was his mugshot that took precedence over the headline. Later on in the year, he celebrated the big 4-1 with Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust, which also wasn’t the best of circumstances for launching a comeback.

Regardless of struggle, there’s no denying his place in rap history–especially when it comes to Miami and he’s not about to let anyone for get it.

“I am Miami,” Trick Daddy continued. “You can’t just scream, ‘Miami!’ You have to live in Miami. You have to do things for Miami. You have to give to the community, the kids. I been through three Category 5 hurricanes, two major riots. If you did that, lemme hear that. I’m not impressed about your cars, your money, your jewelry; that don’t impress me. Show me that you love Miami instead of just saying it.”

Let that be a lesson to all 305 rappers and rap tourists alike.

Photo: Instagram/Trick Daddy Dollars a.k.a. KingDingaLing