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A 13-year-old Ohio boy was arrested late last week, after he attacked his mom’s car for taking his cell phone away. The phone got ganked as a punishment when he refused to clean his room.

Parents, Kimberly Harrison, 40, and Jerome McDowell, 46, told cops that their son was being “disrespectful,” and they’re right on target.

Before the car got ruined, the boy spit on his mom, and threw a Gatorade bottle at his stepfather. Then he preceded to head outside and beat the sh*t out of the 2001 Honda Accord.

He shattered the front window (the largest and usually most expensive window to replace on a vehicle, by the way), and smashed the roof, causing an estimated $1,000 in damage.

After he ruined the car, the teen left and told his parents that he wasn’t coming back home. He eventually returned, at which point he was arrested on misdemeanor vandalism and assault charges.

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