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K Camp may be in the running for this year’s XXL Freshman cover but by no means is he a wet-behind-the-ears newcomer to the industry. The Milwaukee-born, Atlanta-bred rapper has been through the ringer just to get to this point where he’s prepping for the release of his first major label LP.

Even as he ups his assist record with features on tracks by everyone from Plies to Yo Gotti’s artist Snootie Wild. With his latest track “Lil Bit” climbing charts at an exorbitant rate, it seems that the tides are in Camp’s favor.

This comes only a few years after his manager, TJ Chapman—who’s also responsible for a hefty fraction of B.o.B.’s success—sent him back to the drawing board, time and time again. Only a few years after, Camp relieved his mother of her management duties so he could push forward.

It was just over 12 months ago when the “Cut Her Off” creator inked a contract with Interscope Records and he’s already prepared to drop his debut by the fall. It’s not likely that Hip-Hop has a fleeting moment in K Camp, as he’s dropped quite a few smash records since touching down on national charts with “Money Baby” in 2013—proving that’s he’s a couple records over the one-hit wonder limit. These days, in this fickle industry, K Camp’s career is simply a wonder.

Hip-Hop Wired: So about 90% of the album is done? How much do you have left?

K Camp: Pretty much. Really, it’s just putting the records together. Probably adding more instruments. Maybe take a verse out and add one. No major, major shit, probably like one more feature from a big artist we’re waiting on but besides that, it’s just finishing the records up

HHW: You mentioned Mavado on a recent visit to The Breakfast Club. Is he on the album for sure? And Atlanta isn’t known to embrace dancehall or reggae at all, what inspired you to want him on the album?

Camp: No, we don’t have a Mavado record on there yet. Not yet. I met him in New York at Breakfast Club. He’s with it though. We just gotta send it to him and get it back. They ain’t gon’ get it but I bet you people overseas get it. I don’t care if Atlanta get it, sh*t… [laughs] As long as everybody else get it. But nah, there’s a record that I got where the record…  One of my A&Rs Tunji [Balogun], he did like, an island ad-lib and I was like, ‘Mavado would be perfect doing that on there. That sh*t would go ham.’

HHW: Do you think you’d ever become an A&R, like after your career as an artist? You seem to have a knack for knowing what works.

Camp: I’m an A&R now. I think I could [officially], but I don’t wanna do that. It’s cool being an artist on this scale, ain’t sh*t change it’s just that I’m more popular and I can’t do the same s— that I used to do. Like, normal shit. Like, going to Walmart to get some drawers…


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