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Although everyone is going to be talking about Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in a couple of weeks, 20th Century Fox is making more power moves by rebooting the Fantastic Four franchise. In an epic new trailer, the superpowered quartet gets introduced one by one, and the clip also features an appearance from their chief nemesis, Doctor Doom.

Director Josh Trank’s update takes a new twist on the Fantastic Four of old. In this incarnation, Reed Richards, played by Miles Teller, is a bit younger than the earlier comic and movie versions of Mr. Fantastic. Rounding out the cast is Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman played by Kate Mara, her brother Johnny Storm/The Human Torch played by Michael B. Jordan, and Ben Grimm/The Thing played by Jamie Bell.

As can be seen from the trailer, the gang is slapped together by Dr. Franklin Storm, played by Reg E. Cathey, and that’s just about all one can truly surmise. Richards is some sort of wunderkind who leads the three others on a mission to open up a dimensional portal. While in this realm, the four are transformed from normal human beings to something a bit more, ahem, fantastic.

Longtime fans of the franchise know that Victor Von Doom is the alter-ego of Doctor Doom, but there may be a switch in the character in this version. A supposedly leaked script paints the villain as a computer programmer who goes by the name Doom. Other twists include Johnny Storm being played by a Black man when traditionally he’s been a cocky white guy.

But enough about our speculations and thoughts. Check out the epic Fantastic Four trailer in the clip below. You’ll have to wait until August 7 to see the movie in full, however. Bummer.

Also, in a perfect world, the mysterious MF DOOM makes an appearance on the film’s soundtrack.

Photo: 20th Century Fox/YouTube