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What can be worse than a rogue cop? An out of pocket correction’s officer. The latter was caught on surveillance footage beating up on a teen in handcuffs at Rikers Island prison in NYC.

Reports The New Yorker:

In May, 2010, Kalief Browder, a sixteen-year-old high-school sophomore, was arrested in the Bronx for allegedly stealing a backpack. He insisted that he was innocent, but he was taken to Rikers Island, New York City’s four-hundred-acre jail complex. Browder spent the next three years at Rikers, awaiting trial while his case was repeatedly delayed by the courts. In May, 2013, the case against him was dismissed. (Last fall, I wrote about Browder for the magazine.) This week, The New Yorker obtained two ​surveillance-camera video clips that depict the dual horrors of Browder’s years in jail: abuse by a guard and by fellow-inmates.

Three years (and reportedly two of them in solitary confinement) in the bing only to have the case dismissed? And to deal with this type of f*ckery at the hands of someone who is there technically to keep them safe?

We hope Browder sues for millions.

Peep the footage below.

Photo: The New Yorker screen cap