Former NFL star Plaxico Burress faces prison time once again, this time for trying to short change Uncle Sam.

NBC Sports Reports:

Burress has been indicted in New Jersey on one count of issuing a bad check or electronic funds transfer and one count of willful failure to pay state tax in the amount of $47,903. According to, both charges carry maximum sentences of five years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

The case against Burress is the first prosecution in New Jersey centered on a failed electronic funds transfer, which occurs when an account is underfunded or does not exist. A 2014 state law treats such a failure the same as attempting to pass a bad check. Burress filed his 2013 tax return electronically, but authorities say his electronic transfer didn’t go through and that Burress failed to respond to repeated requests to rectify the situation.

The Virginia native had one job, b. But history repeats itself in this case, as Burress reportedly owed New York state over $59K in back taxes in 2012.

Burress infamously pleaded guilty to a weapons charge back in 2009 after he accidentally shot himself at a Manhattan night club, which landed him in jail for two years.

Photo: YouTube

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