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Following Bruce Jenner’s shocking yet enlightening and sentimental gender revelation interview, it goes without saying that everyone who caught wind of it had an opinion on one of the biggest stories 2015 will be remembered for.

During their conquest to get celebrity reactions, TMZ ran up on an unlikely spectator in Erick Sermon but the EPMD legend has the same two cents just as anyone else.

“Bruce is crazy man,” The Green-Eyed Bandit immediately stated. “I think Bruce took too long to do that. He’s just crazy for doing it right now,” he continued, implying that Jenner’s role in the lucrative Keeping Up with Kardashians empire alludes to a publicity stunt.

Given the obvious segue way allowed to ask if the same criteria could apply to the Hip-Hop culture and before the TMZer could finish his question, Sermon replied with an emphatic, “NO.”

“The way the world is going, you never know,” E Double went on to say, softening his stance a bit. “We got some rappers who are close [to being transgender already]. I think [they] are taking the culture too far. It’s just too far to be going.” We wonder who he could be referring to?

As a rap veteran and as a 46-year-old man, Sermon didn’t shy away from his opinion and told AllHipHop he firmly stands by his street statement.

“I’ve been in Hip Hop for 25 years. I’ve seen so much come and go as far as trends and whats acceptable and what’s not. I stand by what I said to TMZ and I admit that Hip Hop has some room to grow when it comes to those issues. “We haven’t fully gotten there as a culture yet, but I believe in allowing people to be who they are and express their creativity in whatever manner they choose. There are different styles and trends that are pushing boundaries right now, but at the end of the day everybody deserves respect.”

Anyone looking for backlash in between those lines may be attempting to pick a fight but you never know. Watch Erick Sermon speak his mind in the video below.

Photo: TMZ