For some Hip-Hop artists, making the Forbes list is quite the epic accomplishment and gives said act a ton of bragging rights. The finance publication is in the conversation once more after it announced the top five wealthiest Hip-Hop acts for 2015 with Sean “Diddy” Combs at the front of the list.

It appears Forbes knows what it has in announcing these lists, as the coveted spots are clear signs the artist is winning ears and wallets. After looking over the list as announced, social media is going to be on fire for quite a while after this one.

More from Forbes:

“The first billionaire in hip-hop, right here on the [expletive] West Coast,” exclaimed Dre in a video clip that went viral almost instantly. But the deal, whose value was initially reported at $3.2 billion, ended up at an even $3 billion in cash. After taxes, Dre’s 25% stake left him with a $500 million windfall–$100 million more than FORBES estimated his stake to be worth last April–and a net worth of $700 million.

Amazingly enough, Dre is not the richest man in hip-hop; that honor goes to Diddy, who clocks in at $735 million. The news may come as a surprise to many, but while Dre’s wealth derived from a single jackpot idea, Diddy’s is the product of his interests in a slew of companies, a handful of which could one day give him a Beats-esque exit.

Diddy and Dr. Dre owning the two top spots is telling considering the latter hasn’t put out much in the way of Hip-Hop music in years. Jay Z  at spot number three has also slowed the output while other business matters persist. 50 Cent and Birdman at the four and five spot respectively are the most musically active on the list but are at the bottom half of the top five. Is there a connection there?

What do you think about Forbes top five wealthiest Hip-Hop artists list? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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