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Ava Fiore took the genius idea of flaunting her delightful curves and talking sports and became an Instagram sensation in the process. With well over 800,000 followers, Ms. Fiore has mastered the task of turning heads, dropping jaws and handily talking sports all at the same time. 

Although you wouldn’t tell by looking at her flawless face, Fiore was a former Golden Gloves amateur boxing champ in New York before she became the thirst trap legend she is today. As the webmistress of the Cleats and Cleavage website, Fiore finds inventive ways to cover the goods using food products while using the 15 seconds Instagram allows to chop it up about the latest sports news trends. But we doubt anyone’s really listening to her talk about sports unless they’re multitasking.

In an interview with CBS Sports Radio earlier this year, Fiore said she came up with the one day after leaning into her fridge and finding what foods would stick to her body and talk sports on camera. Clearly her marketing plan has worked as she’s just had her IG account for a little over a year now.

Enough yakking already, just hit the following pages and take in the glory that is our latest Bangin Candy, Cleats and Cleavage’s Ava Fiore.

Photo: Instagram

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