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The national attention diverted towards Baltimore last week inspired the mysterious Prince to make new music for the cause. Now Engadget is reporting that Sunday’s upcoming “Rally 4 Peace concert” will be free 99 thanks to the services of the servers contained on at Jay Z’s newborn baby TIDAL.

And unlike previous exclusive content from the much-scrutinized streaming service, you won’t need to purchase a subscription to view it.

Additionally, the new kid on the block will “match funds” of any donation made through its official website and the “Rally 4 Peace” stream will feature a widget that allows viewers to donate to local youth charities and the Baltimore Justice Fund.

Prince reportedly recorded “a tribute to all of the people of the city of Baltimore,” and will use the “Rally 4 Peace” concert to bring Baltimore communities together after the death of Freddie Gray was officially ruled a homocide at the top of the month. It is being said that the record will directly address the case in full.

The “Rally 4 Peace” concert airs this Sunday, May 10.

Photo: WENN