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George Zimmerman was shot at in Florida following an altercation sometime today (May 11). Zimmerman  got into an altercation with a driver, which led to the shooting, Seminole County Police say.

He sustained minor injuries.

Reports TMZ:

The shooting went down Monday afternoon on a road in Lake Mary, FL … where Zimmerman lives. Police tell us they got a call for a road rage incident. News footage from the scene shows a bullet hole in the front passenger side window of Zimmerman’s truck. 

Zimmerman’s lawyer, Don West, tells TMZ Zimmerman told him he believes he recognized the other driver as someone with whom he had a run in several months ago.  

The lawyer says Zimmerman told him the other driver drove along side his client and fired into the driver’s side window.

The lawyer says Zimmerman was not struck by a bullet, but rather shattering glass.  

We do not know the race of the other man involved in the shooting. 

Zimmerman has been in several gun-related incidents since being acquitted for the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin, 17. Last year, he announced a round of celebrity boxing matches where people pay to fight him, which was later canned.

Photo: AP