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It’s a safe assumption to say Kobe Bryant’s personality has hurt his reputation and GOAT status in the eyes of many sports fans.

Vince Staples can attest to this firsthand, as he recently appeared on REAL 92.3 and told Letty why his encounter with #8 forced him to root for his other hometown team, the Los Angeles Clippers, before it was popular.

His scorn for Bean stems from the NBA legend showing up to an expensive basketball camp only to give a generic pep to the kids and go MIA afterwards.

“We was real young–like in the 4th or 5th grade,” the Hell Can Wait artist remembered. “My mama had paid a gang of money for the Kobe Bryant camp. So [we] sitting over here…[Kobe] had three bodyguards and he’s sitting down…he stand up like, ‘Yeah, y’know, I’m Kobe Bryant, I want to thank everyone for coming out. ‘You work hard enough, you can get to where I’m at or close to what I’m doing, so y’know, just work hard.’ And he just walked away and we never seen him again. We were up there for a week waiting for Kobe to pop back up.”

Staples also admits he cried to his mom to buy him the “ugly Kobe Bryant ‘Spaceship’ adidas” and didn’t even get a handshake from his then hero.

Watch the entire Vince Staples interview below and hit the next page to see the Long Beach native tell DJ Damage about his new record, “Señorita” and how he interacts with the ladies (while having a girlfriend).

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