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The Hip-Hop community was dealt a deafening blow over the weekend when it was officially confirmed that Lionel Pickens b.k.a. Chinx was murdered in Queens early Sunday morning.

While many close to him attempt to gather their bearings, Meek Mill grabbed Travis Scott and Strap and jumped out in front with a fitting tribute track, “Miss My Dawgs.”

“The killed Chinx Drugz in his own city/They killed Lil Snupe in his own city/Wonder why I don’t be in my own city/I don’t know if n****s gon’ clap for me or gonna kill me

Still living lavish and they wonder why I act savage/All these guns and automatics.”

The Lil Snupe the MMG star is referring to was his 17-year-old protegé who was murdered in summer 2013.


“Miss My Dawgs” immediately struck a nerve with plenty of social media users who felt the same pain both Meek and French Montana was forced to feel when they heard someone close to them had been killed dead in the streets. Take a look at some of the tear-jerking tweets Meek received after releasing the track yesterday, and think before you act. Like Jay Z recently said, we have to stop killing each other.

Photo: Instagram

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