Yesterday, we shared details of author dream hampton‘s tweets in where she revealed that Jay Z and Beyoncé secretly bailed out several protesters in Baltimore regarding the Freddie Gray situation. This news didn’t slip by the sharp minds over at Fox News’ morning show, Fox And Friends, and it appears the hosts were taken aback that the Carters did such a thing.

The Fox morning team seized on the news, which was backed by a report from the news organization. As the report noted, hampton and Jay Z have been in collaboration in times past and hampton told New York Daily News that she previously asked for his assistance in the Ferguson matter in a similar fashion. The tweets hampton posted Monday have been taken down, but she’s standing by them just the same.

The good folks over at Crooks and Liars uploaded video of Fox and Friends bemoaning the Carters for their quiet contributions to the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, and one of the hosts goofed big by linking hampton and Beyoncé in relation to Jay Z’s autobiography that the writer helped co-author.

But it was the slight dig at calling what occurred in Baltimore as “lawlessness” that made Fox and Friends appear petty in the end, as if the small outbreak of riots were the only protests to happen during that time.

Check out the Fox and News video report regarding Jay Z and Beyoncé’s Baltimore bailouts below.

Photo: Crooks and Liars