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Marina Abramović, a New York-based performance artist, collaborated with Jay Z for the Brooklyn mogul’s lavish “Picasso Baby” video from 2013’s Magna Carta Holy Grail. Abramović revealed in a recent interview that the experience left her disappointed and that she’ll never work with the rapper again.

Abramović spoke at length about the collaboration with Spike Art Magazine, detailing how Jay Z adapted her 2010 performance piece “The Artist Is Present:” which was held at the Museum of Modern Art. Abramović said that she agreed to work with Jay Z based on a financial agreement they made, but apparently that deal never came to pass.

More from Spike:

How did you feel when Jay-Z told you that he would be adapting “The Artist is Present” for his music video “Picasso Baby” in 2013?

I didn’t feel much. There are hundreds of people adapting my work. I have young pop groups who adapt my work. Just now, somebody’s made a porno movie called “Zadie is present”, have you seen that? [laughs] It’s insane!

But the difference with Jay-Z was that you yourself took part in his video shoot.

Yes, but there was one reason for this that I can’t talk about. I am very pissed by this since he adapted my work under one condition: that he would help my institute. Which he didn’t.

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