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Coming off the heels off the worldwide success of Mad Max: Fury Road, Zoe Kravitz has propelled herself into contention as one of the hottest women in the world.

She recently let the cat out the bag that she and Mos Def were in the infatuation stage of a relationship and she recently got comfy with GQ for a sexy photo shoot and bit of a tell-all.

The 26-year-old starlet reveals that most guys generally don’t approach her, potentially out of fear or intimidation but if they manage the break the ice, they better have a healthy appreciation for neo-soul.

“If I guy puts on D’Angelo, I’m like, ‘a sucka’,” she admitted. “Like if I guy came up to me and asked, ‘Did it hurt?’–I could appreciate the ballisness of it.”

Besides her natural looks, the young Kravitz indeed has it going on. Outside of the acting, she still gets modeling gigs and her band, Lolawolf, is gaining popularity from the organic grind.

“You used to have to be a triple threat to make it in Hollywood,” she tells Mark Byrne. “Think about Gene Kelly and everyone. You used to have to sing, you used to have to dance. You were an entertainer.”

“It’s so much work,” she continued. “But let’s be real: I’m not doing this for the money,” hinting that between her famous rocker father, mother Lisa Bonet or even her Aquaman stepfather Jason Momoa, she could really be good just living as a Hollywood rich kid.

Peep the video and take a look at Zoe Kravitz’s sexy GQ spread in the gallery below.

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