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It can’t be stressed enough how the murder of Chinx has greatly affected members of the Hip-Hop community. Especially for those artists who operated closely with the slain 31-year-old married father of three.

While Coke Boys head honcho French Montana is mourning Chinx on the outside, Max B, the original Don Dada Wavie Crockett, is forced to cope with his grief from prison.

REVOLT TV managed to get some phone time with the rapper, who has been incarcerated since 2009 for a 75-year murder charge. He summarized the recent shooting as “senseless.”

“Ain’t even no explaining it, man. We all going through our sh*t. It’s another bad day. It’s a bad look. It’s bad, man. We lost another young, inspiring brother trying to do the right thing, trying to stay off these streets and feed his family. For such a senseless tragedy to occur, every time that shit happens that shit just push us back another twenty years. It just feels like we ain’t learning, man. We the people ain’t learning. These young n****s out here they ain’t learning nothing. No father figures. They shooting first. It’s just senseless, dog.”

Chinx, real name Lionel Pickens, was gunned down in the wee hours of Sunday, May 17 when a gunman opened fire on the Porsche he had been sitting in, killing him on the scene and wounding another. The New York Police Department have questioned several people in connection of the crime but no formal charges have been made as of press time. For Max B, the drama is all to familiar for he had to deal with his protegé Stack Bundles being murdered in similar fashion in 2007.

“I love Chinx,” Max B reiterated. “I’ma miss him. Rest in peace. I just wanted to put that out there [and] send my condolences to his family, his girl, his Moms, his Pops, French [Montana], the whole crew. I went through this with Stack. This another sad day, man. This shit took us back another 30, 40 years. N****s ain’t learning nothing. We dying for nothing. We killing each other, dog. Shit gotta stop. We gotta do better than that, man.”

Listen to Max B’s prison interview in its entirety down below.

Photo: The FADER