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Action Bronson has eclipsed the Ghostface Killah comparisons that plagued him in the early stages of career to become a presence in Hip-Hop in his own right. That doesn’t mean the Supreme Clientele didn’t agree that their vocal similarities were too close for comfort at once point.

In a new interview with VLAD TV, GFK admits that he thought he was actually listening to himself while perusing through YouTube a few years back.

“When I first got put on [to Bronson’s music] and sh*t, I’m asking myself ‘When the f*ck I do that verse?’,” he recalled with a laugh. “I pulled it up on the YouTube..on the sh*t and seen it was this ni…this dude.”

Bronson’s inaugural season as a prominent rapper toed the line between paying homage and shark biting but the Wu-Tang Clan general remembers when they first met, the Queens MC convinced him that wasn’t the case.

“When I seen him, he was like, ‘Yo everybody say I sound like you. I’m not trying to sound like you; this is just how my voice is.” Apparently GFK gave him the pass because the two collaborated on the 2011 track “Meteor Hammer.” [Editor’s Note: Action slayed him but it was all in the spirit of the game.]

Watch the always entertaining Ghostface Killah in the video below.

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