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The Golden State Warriors/Houston Rockets Western Conference Finals isn’t even close to being over but Lil B has caused the scales to tip and get everybody riled up with the memes.

As an unyielding Warriors fan and closeted hater of all things OKC (past, present and future), the Based God threatened James Harden with his infamous curse after the MVP runner-up’s celebration dance mirrored his own cooking dance without an ounce of credit.

Of course it sounds silly but the last seconds of last night’s Game 2 gave the notion extreme credibility.

Harden had his usual lights out, one-stat-away-from-a-triple-double performance but as the Rockets caught a break on a missed bunny by Harrison Barnes, their opportunity to close the gap on the 99-98 deficit slipped by when the ball slipped out of Harden’s hands as the time ran out.

Thus, a thousand Based God memes were born.

Of course, Lil B has been basking in Harden’s failure by retweeting the outpour of love (and pleas from lowly Rocket fans) in the light of his phenomenon. Naturally the Rockets don’t have any momentum going for them, but they should be able to scoop up some wins on their home floor. Should they go down in a sweep, don’t be surprised if the next baller who pisses the swag overlord off to grovel before their next tipoff.

Get your laugh on from the best Based God memes, starting with this unholy trifecta of the curse, MJ’s tears and Uncle Zel.

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