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A New Orleans restaurant is likely thinking about an exit strategy now that their racist receipt for a group of Black customers has went viral.

Reports WDSU:

The incident happened shortly before 3 p.m. at Huck Finn’s Café on Decatur Street.

The woman said she was dining with co-workers at the restaurant. At the end of her meal, she said she found a racial slur notated on her paper receipt.

The waiter referred to her using the N-word, which was printed on the receipt, and followed with the printed words “100% dislike.”

From the receipt, it shows a $16 discount on the receipt. We are told the customer sent back a fish platter and salad, which costs $16 at the cafe.

The receipt was posted to social media, spreading quickly on Facebook and Twitter.

The manager would not do an on-camera interview with WDSU. He told WDSU the waiter involved had been fired.

“We don’t condone that at all. He’s gone and that’s it,” the manager said.

We talked to would-be patrons of the restaurant who say that kind of conduct is not acceptable.

“It’s actually very insulting. I’m not black but still that’s an insulting word,” said Cooper Anderson. “We don’t use that word any more. It’s a racist word — racist term — one of the worst you could ever say. And putting it on paper at a public restaurant in New Orleans, that’s one of the worst things you can do.”

The woman, now identified as Liryca Neville Branch, is actually the daughter of jazz singer Gaynielle Neville and relative of the Neville Brothers. She’s looking into legal damages against the New Orleans restaurant.

It’s 2015; why does this keep happening?

Furthermore how ironic (or not) is it that Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn contains flagrant usage of the n-word?

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Photo: WDSU